Viapol TechNO FIRE

Waterproofing bitumen modified membrane, distilled bitumen compound modified with high molecular polymers. Low temperature flexibility: -10°C
The non woven polyester stabilized with longitudinal reinforcing strands, guarantees extremely high mechanical performances and a perfect impregnation with the bituminous compound. The top side finish is mineral protective slates, the under side finish is a polyethylene burn off film.

Techno Fire is approved according to ENV1187 with a classification of Broof T2. It meets or exceeds the standards required by the “Italian Fire brigade department regulations n. 1324 dated 07/02/2012” and ensuing updates regarding the installation of photovoltaic panels for roofing applications.
The Broof T2 classification identify the test method used, and contrary to other classifications (T1-T3-T4)  allows alternatives specifications to the system tested in the laboratory.
Viapol Techno Fire passed the test requirements with “flying colours” and, as per the attached fire report, can be applied on both flat and pitched roofs and over both combustible and non combustible substrates.
Fields of applications:
  • Capsheet in roofing systems over thermal insulations with a density ≥ 15Kg/m³
  • Capsheet in roofing systems over concrete, timber or metallic decks
  • Capsheet in roofing systems for renovation of existing bituminous polymer membranes roofs
  • Capsheet over roofs with photovoltaic panels installations
Top finishes
Underside finishes
Intended use
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This year Vetroasfalto celebrates the 56 years of life of its flagship product: the VIAPOL brand.
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