Viapol Winflex Glass

Viapol Winflex Fiberglass is brilliant performances high quality compound combined with a glassfiber inlay.



In storage rolls must be placed vertically not to be stacked more than two levels. They should be kept in a covered area and protected from adverse weather and U.V. radiation.

Whenever the material is stored outdoors on pallets and in conditions of elevated environmental temperatures, it is necessary to make openings in the shrinkable polyethylene protective covering so as to enable the circulation of air among the rolls and to prevent damage from overheating due to the “green house” effect. The handling of the rolls during loading and unloading operations must be undertaken with care so as not to compromise future use of the material.



  1. A deck surface should be prepared accurately (all the incrustation and roughness removed).
  2. Bituminous primer ViaBit should be coated.
  3. The rolls should be aligned, with lap joints of at least 8,5cm.
  4. They should be melted with an appropriate propane torch.
  5. The end laps should be heated and refinished with a heated trowel.
Top finishes
Underside finishes
Intended use

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