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Vetrorol PE

Extruded expanded Polystyrene, high density 33/35 kg/m3, with closed cells, self-extinguishing Class 1 (UNI 8457, 9174, 9177 NORM.), cut into strips, lined up and hot-laminated, as a continuous covering, to a reinforced bituminous covering. This acts as temporary waterproofing for the covering as well as a support for the waterproof, always bituminous, layers that will be the final waterproofing, or as a safety waterproof covering for finishes with discontinuous covering. VETROROL PE is also available in an L.A. laminated sheet version.
VETROROL PE is produced in a single density of 33-35 kg/m3 in order to optimize its mechanical resistance. It comes in different thicknesses that influence its heat-resistance performance depending on the insulation required.
Depending on their intended use, the membranes to be coupled to the layered composition and the type of support that is to be covered with the VETROROL PE system, have different compositions, reinforcements, areic masses and finishes as follows:
  • M.B.P., APP or SBS, areic mass 2-3-4 kg/m2, with glass fibre reinforcement;
  • M.B.P., APP or SBS, areic mass 3-4 kg/m2, with nonwoven polyester reinforcement ;
  • M.B.P., APP or SBS, areic mass 3.5-4.0-4.5 kg/m2, with non-woven polyester reinforcement and slate-finish.

The particular form of VETROROL PE, in strips in rolls, allows the system to adapt to any covering shape. It is not subject to thermal shock or low temperatures and has a limited linear coefficient of expansion. The nature of the materials used makes it biologically inert, non-rotting and it cannot be attacked by insects, rodents or chemical substances that are present under normal conditions of use.
The coupling synergy between the XPS and the bituminous membrane easily contributes towards the heat-grometric
balance of any correctly designed waterproof pack. Thermal conductivity 􀁨m is equal to 0.034 W/Mk (0.029 Kcal/mK), values obtained from expanded material with CO2 (environmentally friendly and in compliance with the norms in force).

Mass kg/m³ 33-35
Thermal conductivity W/m.k 0,033
Resistance to compression ( 10 % ) kg/cm² 3,00
Coeff. Linear thermal expansion mm/m°C 0,07
Reaction to fire CSE RF classe M1
Resistance to vapor diffusion µ 100-200
Absorbtion H2O % volume 0,5

VETROROL PE is a waterproof heat-insulating system that fulfils different uses in both civil and industrial building. It is mainly used to produce heat-insulating packs on flat, sloping or any other form of covering, whether new or refurbished, whatever the final use (visible, passageways, pedestrian areas, terraces, or discontinuous tile coverings, bent tiles, sheet metal etc.) or as protection/insulation for retaining walls.
This product is suitable for specific uses on prefabricated concrete coverings (channels and sloping ceilings between beams) or on coverings with particular shapes. The product is made-to-measure, allowing optimum installation as well as perfect adherence to its support, thus simplifying waterproofing procedures. VETROROL PE can also be used as insulation for underground pipes.
VETROROL PE is provided with lateral and top selvage edges for overlapping (from 50 to 100 mm, to be placed in the slope direction), which protect the XPS during laying and torching of the finished pre-fabricated bituminous covering, to guarantee temporary waterproofing after welding.
The slate-finish laminated membrane version and welding of the lateral and top selvage create safety waterproofing below the finished discontinuous covering (tiles, bent tiles, etc.).
This system will be laid, depending on individual cases, over a suitable steam barrier or over any other type of support. However, previous heat-grometric calculation of the covering will always be necessary. For coverings with heavy weight, the system can be dry laid onto the support or onto the steam barrier but, in any case, it must be fastened or glued along the edges and around the technical volume. In other cases, it is mechanically fastened or glued, with the aid of mechanical fasteners.
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