Viapol Modulo

VIAPOL MODULO represents the most technological solution in the field of torchon membranes available for today’s highly demanding construction market. During the development and manufacturing process, Vetroasfalto has considered the beneficial characteristics required by the end user to apply such a high performing, long lasting waterproofing membrane.


VIAPOL MODULO is manufactured from a special compound based on distilled bitumen saturated with linear polyolefinic terpolymers, giving a high elastic limit. The combining benefits of this process produce a membrane with good cold flexibility and remarkable strength. Furthermore the membrane has an easy torch softening point, good elastic return and an increased resistance to photochemical and thermal degradation phenomenon - ageing, in the absence of surface protection.

The woven non-woven polyester reinforcement used as an inlay compliments the membrane perfectly by insuring superior elongation, tear resistance, puncture resistance and product stability. It is therefore possible to use Viapol Modulo in almost any flat roof environment safe in the knowledge that the product will provide years of superior membrane performance with the added user-friendly characteristics associated with a plastoelastomeric torchon system.



Reinforcement for Viapol Modulo: 180gr woven - non-woven high performance polyester stabilised with longitudinal fibreglass wires. The reinforcements used for the Viapol Modulo plastoelastomeric membrane range, represent the most advanced technology available today. The options available provide the necessary performance levels required to suit the needs of a modern waterproofing membrane system.

The common benefits of the inlay’s used in the production of Viapol Modulo can be detailed as follows:

  1. Total compatibility with the compound
  2. Excellent dimensional stability (no shrinking)
  3. High quality traction, fatigue and punching resistance
  4. Absence of delamination phenomena (no splitting)
  5. Excellent impregnation characteristics



The bitumen-polymer compound which covers and includes the reinforcement inlay, is the result of both a specific and consistent chemical formulation, as well as methodical monitoring and testing of the raw material employed. This strict production control helps to guarantee a continuous and constant product quality.

This picture, taken with a fluorescent microscope demonstrates the very high homogeneity of the compound, with the perfect distribution between the polymeric part in yellow, and the bituminous part in black. An elongation of more than 1000 per cent, and an elastic spring back of more than 25 per cent prove the remarkable characteristics of the compound.




Elastomeric bitumen polymer waterproofing membrane characterised by a compound based on distilled bitumen modified with linear saturated polyolefinic thermopolymers with high elastic limit. Viapol Modulo is reinforced with a woven- non-woven high resistance polyester inlay, stabilised with longitudinal glass wires. Viapol Modulo is available with a protected surface of natural slate chippings in a choice of colours.



Viapol Modulo can be used as a waterproofing membrane on a variety of roof types, whether insulated or not, including timber decked structures, concrete and asphalt. Further uses include vaulted roofs, sloped roofs, sheds and tensile structures.

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