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VIAFIX is a bituminous glue, ideal for bituminous mastic for glueing insulating polystyrene and polyurethane panels on cement, metal and bituminous coatings. Particular solvents, not etching the insulation panel, have been added.

Chemical composition
Hydrocarbon resins, elastomers, bitumen, inert fillers, aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Quantity 5 Kg. 10 Kg. 25 Kg.
N. x pallet - - 33

The surfaces to be treated should be as smooth and even as possible, perfectly clean and dry, free from chalking powders and oils. The dusty surfaces have to be previously treated with a bituminous primer coat.
The product is ready to use, if necessary after pre-heating in water bath, in winter season.
To reach a quicker setting time, we reccommend to spread the product, waiting for about 10-15 minutes before letting it adhere to the substructure to be glued. Viafix can be applied on the whole surface, in spots or stripes by spatula or roller.
In case of stripes layng, stripes should be approx. 4 cm wide and a minimum of 4 per sq.m. Is required, the total consuption being approx. 650-850 g/sq.m., according to the surface type.
In case of spots layng, approx. 50-80 g of Viafix per spot will be necessary, the distribution being of 10 spots per sq.m. Near the perimeter, in case of emerging bodies or reliefs, the stripes or spots quantity should be doubled in a 1 m wide area. Moreover, even in case of spraeding on the whole surface, mechanical fasteners shall be added to glueing. Application shall occur at a local temperature, not below 5° C and for roofing having a max. 5% slope. For over 5% slopes, mechanicals fasteners shall be added to glueing.


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