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Technical Reports

"Cool Roofs" are defined as coverings and roofs characterized by high capacity to reflect incident solar radiation and, at the same time, to emit infrared heat energy. They can provide an effective solution to the problem of overheating in summer of individual buildings and large urban areas. A "cool roof", has a roof identified by a high albedo value, that is, the ability to reflect solar incident radiation, combined with a high infrared emission, which allows the surface the return to the atmosphere the majority of the absorbed solar radiations. In practice, a cool roof can be obtained by applying to the surface of the cover a layer of very lightcoloured outer surface finish, preferably white with non-metallic material characteristics. A type of coverage with similar properties can provide a solution to both the problem of overheating in summer, with its negative effects on thermoclimatic welfare; related to the urban island problem, which causes an increase in temperature than the surrounding countryside during summer...

A recent study conducted by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities indicates the green roof industry is growing dramatically. The study sites a growth rate of more than 25 percent every year. The green roof industry, according to the study, is growing rapidly in response to the pressing need for cleaner air, improved energy efficiency, more usable green space in communities, and better storm water management. In fact, it concluded that the storm water–management benefits of green roofs make them ideal for ultra-urban areas : they don’t consume additional land, and they reduce the need for costly drainage-filtering systems. Simply put, green roofs are proving to be ideal for growing urban communities. Not only do they help to reduce storm water runoff, but green roofs play a significant role in protecting human health as well...

Ease of maintenance is one of the hallmarks of roofing systems. Reference guides now make it even easier for a building owner to institute a semiannual maintenance program to maximize his roofing investment. Flexible membrane roof system, is a broad category comprising thermoset, thermoplastic and modified bitumen materials, typically pre-fabricated in a factory under strict quality controls. They are mostly covered by warranties that always call for periodic maintenance inspections and provisions. In fact, warranties can be voided by the lack of regularly scheduled roof inspections and maintenance. Periodic preventive maintenance can prevent small, easily handled problems from becoming disruptive, big-budget nightmares. Proper repairs to a roof system can prolong the roof's service life and enhance the value of the original investment made in it Maintenance issues are attracting more attention from the roofing industry as a whole. A number of roofing contractors have set up roof maintenance and-or roof management programs to handle these concerns in an ongoing, professional way, freeing facility managers to concentrate on other areas...

The Vetroasfalto’s range of polymer bitumen membranes (PBM) is beyond doubt one of the most complete among those present on the market. Thanks to the availability of three different production lines, Vetroasfalto is able to manufacture membranes of any type. Among the main characteristics of Vetroasfalto there undoubtedly is the productive flexibility. Several types of compounds, reinforcement, finishings, self-protections, etc. are actually employed. Moreover, productions of materials with different characteristics from the usual standards can be realised, also for reduced quantities. “Viapol” is the mark that distinguishes the membrane production of Vetroasfalto

Download the safety data sheet of the waterproofing...

A body, in area temperature, emits thermic energy in form of different wave-length radiations. The 40% of spectrum of such emissions is concentrated between 8 and 13 μ and it is just in these wave-length limits that atmosphere presents, in particular conditions, a good transparence. More precisely the atmosphere transparence depends from the water vapor and pollution contents as well as from the zenithal angle. When the sky is cloudy or when the emitting surface is orientated towards the horizon, the atmosphere results practically opaque to the infrared. When the sky is clear and the surface is orientated towards the zenith, the atmosphere transparence can reach 80% and for wave-length between 8 and 13 μ the so named "transparence window” open

The construction of the technical part of waterproofing requires close collaboration between the manufacturer, designer and contractor. The cooperation needs to take into account the differing situations and it is difficult to specify product, design or method of laying can suitable for all situations.

A list of recommendations for a correct VMP CS application.

The possible triggering of problems, also important, due to the effects of wind is a topic too often underestimated by professionals. While the damage of remarkable entity, deliberately ignoring those caused by events with chrism exceptionalism, they are not very frequent, it is equally true that are frequently repetitive situations where the extent and severity of damage, even if not very significant, it starts an unwarranted climate of tension and misunderstanding between the different parties competing in the implementation of the works. It would be enough to comply with some simple planning and executive rules to avoid, in most cases, disruption and economic costs to manufacturers, installers and final users.

A roof system that fails in performing is very expensive in global terms. Initially there is a wastage of time and resources allocated to drying out water leakage or condensation, often requiring the making good of decorative finishes. Over a longer period of time, the life span of these roofs is reduced so that materials need to be partially or totally replaced. An ineffective thermal insulation increases the energy demand of a building. For application companies the real cost of remedial works is very high, both in terms of management time and soured client relationship.

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November 7, 1940 - Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The cause is the  hight stress caused by the wind force  to the bridge structure.
Viapol '63
This year Vetroasfalto celebrates the 56 years of life of its flagship product: the VIAPOL brand.
We would like to thank all our customers for the cofidence shown so far in our main product.

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